Fusion Sounds

Fusion Sounds

Auf Warditas Fusion-Sets spielt sie hauptsächlich arabische (Fusion-Bass, Dabka, Underground, Pop) und türkische Musik. Wie wir es auch von Warditas anderen musikalischen Stilen kennen, zeichnet sich auch hier ihre Musik durch Vitalität, Lebensfreude  und gelungene Schnelligkeit aus.

Besonders durch die vielen Undergroundtracks, die oft gekonnt mehrere Stile vereinen ohne aufgeweicht zu werden, sind Warditas Oriental Sets nie einseitig und man muss nicht in Beirut oder Istanbul aufgewachsen sein, um die Arme in die Luft zu reißen und wilden Schrittes mitzuwackeln.

Man spürt Warditas Kenntnisse der orientalischen Musikszene, ihre intensive Auseinandersetzung und Beobachtung, vor allem der arabischen Musiklandschaft. So kommen bei Wardita nur Perlen auf den Teller. Knackige, kreative und gut gemachte Musik, die die Seele in Schwung und in Einklang mit dem Rhythmus bringt.

Wardita plays only that kind of music to which she's got her own relation. The tracks shes playing has got to tell a story and she's got to adore them – impossible to play just “anything”. Thus Warditas sets are always a very personal and authentic thing.

Warditas fusion style is a respectful fusion in which electronic music gives arabic music a hug. The music she's playing and producing is without using silly stereotypes and is a subtle and respectful fusion predominantly from artists of the Maghreb and Middle East countries. Her knowledge and of both, traditional (classical) and modern alternative Arabic music is giving her an excellent choice of style and tracks.

Listening to Warditas sets means traveling. Riding on the notes bringing you through the freaky world of electronic fusion techno music.

Wardita sends you to a journey of high level bass music reflecting her strong personality.

In April I followed the invitation of  Don Rispetto from multicult.fm and had a chat about the early great days of Kiss.fm (got nothing in common with KISS.fm today!!) Kiss.fm was the first station you could listen and learn about turkish hip-hop, marrocan progy-psy and other cool progressive electronic, critical stuff ... In fact I would call Kiss.fm together with the Maroccan label "Barraka" as my leading figures showing me where  I wanna go. 

Well, ... many many many years later I'm in the studio with this  Italo guy whose english is as bad as it was always but far better german skills than in the 90s . We met some times playing togehter at partys  and ... here we go: 

This is the Show with interview parts (in german) and the set. Under it you'll find the set purely music without cuts or vocal parts. 

Music is mainly Trap/Rap/Hip-Ho/electronica/underground/alternativ from Tunisia, Palestine and Ejibt actually my favourites I listen to a lot @home and driving - enjoy

Music only: 

1. Douda & Nordo - El Qasem 2. Aly Talibab - Al Kamal  3. Orange Blossom - Ya Sidi  4. Tati G13 - Netmana 5. BigSam feat. Synaptik - Sar3 6. Emel Mathlouthi - Qaddesh 7. Shouly & Al Basha - Blood (feat. Synaptik)  8. Samara - N9adder Fik
9. Shab Jdid - K7l wa 3tma  10. Shouly, Al Basha, Synaptik - Farancy 

11. BigSam - Mosafer 12. Shab Jdid & Al Nather - Ajbak wala ma ajbak 

13. DJappa Man - Dzaftir   14. Moneim Adwan, Wardita - Aqul waqet bequrbi hamamatun

Releases - Remixe

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