New Wardita track


was released on a compilation

 with 20 more techno tracks

made by the the "Kopfueber" Crew.

 Release date with a big release party in Berlin was at 



All proceeds of the EP go to 

life saving organisation 

Sea Watch. 



Along with the track goes a new video made by Italy based Claire Disaster and her Crew.

You can watch it here:



 And  those who were seen           dancing were thought to be


             by those who could not hear

    the music

Rolling deep bass ....

Her style is that it's always deep, moving forward, powerful and freaky. You'll find the unexpected and won't find ever mainstream in her sets.


Wardita plays only that kind of music to which she's got her own relation. The tracks shes playing has got to tell a story and she's got to adore them – impossible to play just “anything”. Thus Warditas sets are always a very personal and authentic thing.

Listening to Warditas sets means traveling. Riding on the notes bringing you through the freaky world of electronic music. Wardita sends you to a journey of high level bass music reflecting her strong personality.

Warditas fusion style is a respectful fusion in which electronic music gives arabic music a hug. The music she's playing is without using silly stereotypes and is a subtle and respectful fusion predominantly from artists of the Maghreb and Middle East countries.

Besides djing she produces her own electronic music which again is often flavored with traditional sounds.

For her "a touch of some traditional sounds gives the electronic music the creme on the top." However, as a true Techno passionate she's also restless and sleepless in creating Techno music.

She's also been doing great remixes again in both styles.